Established back in 1926, the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, better known outside Italy as the “Italian Trade Commission” or “Délégation Commerciale d’Italie”, has two offices in Canada. With a wealth of information on foreign trade, this public organization has its Head Office in Rome, 16 branches in Italy and 104 offices in 80 countries around the world. In 2002, over 19,000 Italian companies and 15,000 foreign firms have participated in one or another of its activities.

The Italian Trade Commission’s mission is to favour commercial exchanges between Italy and the rest of the world, stimulate industrial and technological collaboration, and facilitate partnerships to support the internationalization of the Italian economy and promote “Made in Italy” products in foreign markets. The Commission also offers
information and assistance to Italian businesses, through its network
of foreign offices.

Services to Firms
The Italian Institue for Foreign Trade (I.C.E.)
Promotes, facilitates and develops trade between Italy and the rest of the world, encouraging the internationalization of Italian firms and their establishment in foreign markets.

The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, therefore, provides services to firms allowing them to :
• Gain information on foreign markets
• Obtain assistance and operative support
• Promote their presence abroad
• Employ staff that is trained in the export sector

Market analysis
• Country presentations
• Personalized market researches
• Information on contracts and request for goods
• Product surveys
• Various information (customs, tax, financial and currency regulations)

Assistance and operative support
• Research and selection of counterparts
• Confidential information reliability and solvency of potential partners
• Organization of bilateral meetings
• Carrying out of procedures (including contractual procedures) • required by local regulations
• Settlement of disputes
• Research of local human resources

Company promotion
• Preparation of communication plans
• Company presentations
• Product presentations
• Organization of symposiums and press conferences

• Training of secondary-school diploma and university degree holders, in cooperation with universities and business schools
• Training of foreign traders
• Specific company training, also in association with the local government and other institutions

Promotion of the “Made in Italy”
• Scouting of new and more complex markets
• Consolidation and acquisition of additional market shares in more advanced areas
• Organization of “special events” for the reinforcement of the “Made in Italy” image
• Participation in European Union programmes and International Organizations projects
• Offering foreign companies the services required to strengthen their relations with the Italian market
• Cooperation agreements with the regional government
• Initiatives in cooperation with the Ministry of Production Activities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, the Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations and with other public and private organizations both national and international


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